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About our new collection
In this episode, we seek to reinvent the allure behind the vintage charm.
This collection is about pieces which does not restrict itself to seasonal trends.
In a kaleidoscope of Fads and fashion, we introduce a more Classic approach, which has been inspired by the beauty and elegance of the 1920‘s to late 50‘s.
There are many unique elements to this collection that consists of vibrant colours and characteristics of sharp,
feminine silhouette tailored in pieces that are designed with motifs and fabrics that drapes freely and fall naturally on the female body.
Our designs are manufactured with love in beautiful Portugal by a team of experts who share the same passion for Art and the planet.
Our efforts are intended to achieve luxury result from ecofriendly elements to create timeless
high quality fashion that guarantee long term value to the wardrobe of the modern woman without causing reversible damage to the planet.
This collection is exclusively for the women who make a difference.
Dressed by JOKOTH.
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