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Social responsibility

Belinda, the designer behind the Jokoth brand is also the founder of the Girl Child Foundation supporting girls with creative talents and entrepreneurial skills in Africa.
Her mission is to empower women and Teach them how to embrace their artistic talents regardless of the challenges and expectations the society brings with it.

Fair Trade

Our production is made in Europe under Fair trade circumstances.
We make sure that employees from our company and our suppliers receive a fair salary under ethical working conditions.
This way our suppliers are also able to build stronger communities and have even better control over their future resources.
We support and offer sustainable advantage such as training courses to allow improvement specifically for women with creative talents.


Our DNA is a statement of quality and a representation of value.
Our products are manufactured with highest standards of craftsmanship, while keeping in mind commitment to our planet Earth.
Our fabric is made from recycled polyester, Lyocell and Organic silk fibers which are produced under GOTS and OEKO-TEX® Certification.
We use regenerative procedures to rehabilitate used polyester instead of prematurely releasing them as waste garbage into the environment.
This way we are able to reduce CO2 consumption for biobased plastics and limit premature waste in our ecosystem and such promote the longevity of the polyester garment.

Also by injecting dye in our fabrics, we are able to use less chemicals and reduce water consumption used in the dyeing process.

We want our women to, celebrate their individuality with enthusiasm, optimism and passion while at the same time sharing commitment in the preservation of our planet.

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