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The Designer

My name is Belinda Jecinta Okoth and I am a Kenyan Fashion Designer.

My work is bold, feminine and polished silhouette clothing which is inspired by the timeless classics of the 1950’s, with a modern twist.
And this is not just an outfit, it’s an Identity!

This wardrobe is about the personality of a confident woman who is fully able to love and respect herself regardless of the limitations of traditional beliefs.
I make dresses typically for the bold purpose driven women, the type of women who makes a difference in life and their confidence stands out in a dynamic society.
I started making dresses at age 11. I have a Master Degree in finance and economics and I have worked 6 years as a business consultant.
My dad was an accountant, a man obsessed by academics. He always wanted me to study economics. My mother is a fanatic entrepreneur with a background in textile in Africa. So growing up in the market I knew someday I will become a business woman just like her.
So when I was given this opportunity to choose, I decided to combine what I am really good at with what my parents really wished of me to become. JOKOTH is the ultimate result.
I founded JOKOTH in November 2021.

“Know what you stand for and embrace this individuality with Passion.”


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